Monday, April 26, 2010

3D Projects

This semester has been pretty tough for me. I definitely feel like I have taken a huge step backwards compared to last semester. My drive isn't there and I have spent the majority of the past few months feeling behind in almost every class. But, what can you do?

The one class that at the beginning of the semester that I thought was going to be my toughest class, 3D Design, ended up being the one class that I have had the most fun in and put forth the only projects that I am proud of.

Here are some of them:

This project was all about paper manipulation. basically bending, folding, creasing, tearing and doing whatever to paper to give it new form. The above are only a couple of a handful that we had to do. The project was more of a preparation into the next project, which was another paper manipulation but on a bigger scale.

All of these were created without use of glue or tape. All folding, all of the time. Well, I lied. There is glue holding the pieces to the board, but that's it. It seems like each project is suppose to prepare us for the next one - the egg basket.

We started with a fruit or vegetable, I choose a red pepper, and then cut it up. From there we were to draw inspiration from the shape of the pepper, inside and out, and then use that to come up with a pattern to create something that could hold an egg.

Good times.

The overall basket is to hold at least 8 eggs, the eggs couldn't be touching each other or the ground, and the basket had to be able to stand on its own and be lifted off the ground without falling apart. Again, no glue or tape could be used.

I had designed my basket to be displayed like it is in the very first picture, but as I was assembling it I noticed that the bottom of it had an unintentional design to it as well. So that's why I took so many pictures at different angles.

Go Eggs!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why Cows Don't Talk

Today Collin and I had a little conversation in the car about a time when we were at Chick-fil-A and the giant cow mascot was walking around the store.

Collin: "Dad, do you remember that time when that big cow at Chick-fil-A gave (his stuffed animal) puppy a mint?"

Me: "Of course I do."

Collin: "Yeah, that was funny."

Me: "Why do you think the cow didn't say anything?"

Collin: "I don't know. Maybe he is deaf."

Monday, February 1, 2010

13 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

Okay, I know its early, but i'm taking a break from school work and I had baseball on the mind.

Based on the current Royals 40 man roster, this is who I would want on the opening day 25 man roster.

  1. Scott Podsednik - LF
  2. David DeJesus - RF
  3. Billy Butler - 1B
  4. Jose Guillen - DH
  5. Rick Ankiel - CF
  6. Brayan Pena - C
  7. Alex Gordan - 3B
  8. Mike Aviles - 2B
  9. Yuniesky Betancourt - SS
  1. Brian Anderson - OF
  2. Willie Bloomquist - INF/OF
  3. Josh Feilds - 3B/OF
  4. Chris Getz - INF
  5. Jason Kendell - C
Pitching Rotation:
  1. Zack Greinke
  2. Gil Meche
  3. Luke Hochevar
  4. Brian Bannister
  5. Robinson Tejeda
  1. Joakim Soria - CL
  2. Roman Colon - R
  3. Juan Cruz - R
  4. Kyle Davies - R
  5. Kyle Farnsworth - R
  6. Dusty Hughes - L
Alberto Callaspo will be traded for a relief pitcher.

Okay, back to school work.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Suicide Hill

We went sledding down suicide hill last year and it was fun, but I think this year we actually got to experience it in its fullest. By that I mean a full understanding as to why its called suicide hill. It is dangerous. Fun yes! But very dangerous. The bottom of the hill is full of obstacles: trees, telephone polls, picnic tables, people, and lets not forget about... the street.

Here are just a couple of shots of some sleds that didn't quite cut the mustard. I decided not to photograph some of the blood-colored snow stains that we saw.

There has been snow on the ground since Christmas Eve. We went Christmas Day but we only stayed about 20 minutes because we were not prepared for how cold it actually was. So we bundled up and went 2 days later. It was overly crowded so we didn't get to go down as much as we would have liked, but we still had fun.

We went again today, 8 days after the first snow, allowing the hill to get fully packed down and slick enough to reach the fastest speeds yet.

Here is Collin and I's first run of the day.

Here is one of Collin going down by himself and nearly, NEARLY sliding right into the street. You'll notice at the end, he was unfazed by this. Please, no comments about me being a bad father and letting this happen.

This last video does nothing but prove that Collin and I had the fastest sled there. If you pay close attention (I know, it's hard because of all the shaking) you can see us passing several people AND see the looks on their faces.

Fun dangerous times!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Just a Couple of Projects

These are a couple of my past design color projects that I plan on including in my portfolio review this week.

color transparency

color vibration

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thug Life Follow Up

Collin got off the bus on time. If I remember correctly it was raining outside and he did not have an umbrella, so I ran outside, grabbed him, put him over my shoulder and ran him inside. Then the normal after-school routine began.

He took off his shoes off at the door and placed his jacket and backpack in his room. He then ate a snack at the dinner table while he did his homework. Once his sentences were done, we started talking about his day. I decided to give him the opportunity to tell me what happened.

He didn't.

According to him gym was great! They played dodgeball. Yay!

Well, after a bit him doing a little dodging himself I flat out told him that I knew. I didn't tell him what I knew. I just let him know that I knew that something happened at school and that I was ready for him to tell me about it. I assured him that he wasn't in trouble, that he had already been disciplined at school. I just wanted to hear it from him.

Still nothing. Nothing bad happened at school, and gym was still great.

Then I informed him that the behavior specialist had called mommy at work and told her everything.

His response was, "Oh? What did she say?"


After a couple more times of me stressing that he was not in trouble, that whatever happened happened and its over with and all I wanted was for him to tell me the truth, he broke.

His story was that he was dancing in the line while waiting to get back into the dodgeball game. His arm had "grazed" against the kid next to him, and that caused the kid to push Collin down. Collin never admitted to punching the kid in the eye. He says that he just got back up, started dancing again, and that his hand "grazed" the kid right in the face.

Sounded unlikely, but I didn't press it anymore. I was just happy that Collin finally fessed up about the whole thing. And I could tell that Collin did not want to talk about it anymore.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thug Life

The time is currently 1:38 on Thursday, October 29th.

Collin will be home in from school in 2 hours and 12 minutes.

I am going to have a little talk with him. Apparently he has gotten himself into a little trouble today, well, thats what the behavior special said when she called Lisa this afternoon.

While standing in line for an activity during gym class, our little first grader decided to pass the time and do a little dancing. His arm then hit the kid standing next to him in the chest. That kid, not waiting for an "excuse me" or an "I'm sorry", which I am pretty positive Collin would have done, took offense and pushed Collin to the floor. Collin then reacted to the offense with defense, and punched the kid in the eye.

I should not find this funny.

But I do.

According to the behavior specialist, who we have dealt with only once before, both boys have talked it out and everything is okay. Neither of them had to leave school for the day, but instead have to spend the rest of the day in the "buddy" room. She thinks the boys are handling the situation very well. Which is fantastic.

I really don't know why I find this funny. I think its just trying to picture my boy actually taking a swing at another kid. Again, not funny, but I can't stop laughing about it. A part of me is kinda happy that he defended himself. Makes me think that any kid that watched it will think twice about pushing Collin to the floor. Way to stand up for yourself, Collin.

I'm real curious as to what he has to say about the whole thing.